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All Phu Thai’s news and events shall be often updated here.
Hot News

Phu Thai's Head Office moving to a New Location from 1/1/2013

We will be relocating our existing head office to the new address at 18th Floor - HCO Building - 44B Ly Thuong Kiet Street - Hoan Kiem District - Ha Noi.
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Corporation News

Phu Thai Office visits pagodas in Bac Ninh

As is Phu Thai’s custom, when spring season comes, the Labour Union of Phu Thai Group oganizes outgoing trip for staff to visit pagodas.
  • Phu Thai Group joins the “Young businessman – key to success Program”
  • Phuthai - The leading distribution trades mark inVietnam
  • Ten youth businessman receiving star reward
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Special Subject

Lack marketing depth ?

Larger companies typically have a number of people who lend advice on critical marketing decisions. Smaller companies, however, may have just a handful of people who can help in making critical marketing decisions. They often will turn to outside resources—their advertising or P.R. firms, perhaps designers, or others. These outsiders, however, often have agendas of their own. A good solution is to develop an outside advisory board of knowledgeable but non-vested advisors.
  • Lesson learned from Global brands
  • Silver key
  • PhuThai 10 years – 1 road
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