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Corporation News

Phu Thai Group football Tournament

According to an Anniversary of 14th establishment on October 5th, 2007 and trade union’s operation plan.
Aimed at enriching life spirit and improving health to all of the officers and with the objective being “ Health for production and work”

Reference to General Director’s approval, labor union of PTG held football friendship tournament “Open Phu Thai Group” in 2007, including: DCs and Member companies Group located in Ha Noi. Rules and regulations for the football tournament have built as follow:

1. Start ceremony and 2 matches will be on August 31st. 2007( DCs, Member companies Group’ business is not influenced so board of organization has arranged match schedule starts on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday a week (with attachment of time schedule)

2. Place: at 3 stadiums as Thuong Dinh stadium on Friday, Thuy Loi university stadium on Saturday and Sunday, Dinh Cong stadium on Monday

3. Participants: list of football players in DCs and Member companies Group (personal CV of football players are in Human resource department of Phu Thai Group) if football player fraud is found in a football football team, it will be out.

4. Prize: including: 1 champion prize, 1 second prize, 1 third prize,1 fairplay prize, best score player prize, best player in the final match( appointed by board of organization and referee committee)

5. Score card for a fairplay football team as follow:

- Enthusiasm, crowded participants( supporters and football players)

- Football players come to stadium on time

- Fair play

- Less punished cards( average for a match)

- No red card

Request: Captains and leaders of DC have to report to board of organization( Mr. Ky or Mr. Binh in DC 2) Total football players on time and supporters are confirmed a match.

6. About Ball: only preparing balls for matches( excluded for practical Match for DCs and Member companies Group),

7. Uniform: 15 football uniforms are received for each football team (certified on commitment after receiving). If football football teams are over, football uniforms will be returned back to Mr. Ky – labor union in head office. if the uniforms are lost, these will be charged about 200.000 vnd per uniform( detail: 1 shorts: 50.000 vnd, 1 shirt : 150.000 vnd).

8. Rules and regulations

There are 12 football teams anticipated with 4 groups( A, B, C, D). Each football team will play around and first and second football team will be rating to go to quarter ground.

In the quarter ground, this is applied knock-out to choose 4 winners to go to next ground. In final ground, 4 football football teams play around and 2 football football football teams will get higher point than other, they will play in the final match, other in another match to know who is third one.

A football team includes 7 main players, unlimited change and 50 minutes for 1 match( 25 minutes for each time, 10 minutes for break time, excluded extra time). In the knock out ground, if it is draw in formal time, penalty will be applied.

If point equal, total scores and losses will be calculated to choose which football team to go the next ground

If a football team has not enough football players, match will still be start on time( in case of 3 players missed or higher, the match delays 10 minutes maximum. After that football team will be lost automatically( 0-1).

Punishments: 20.000 vnd each yellow card, 50.000 vnd each red card and getting out of that match in 10 minutes of that match, that player will not be able to play that match.

In time being, decisions of referees, are obeyed by football teams are final. If complaints appear, captain of that football team will complain it to board of organization after that match.( in case of interruption in formal time being, that football team will be lost automatically.

Informal reactions and behavious is not allowed in football tournament. So, if a football team is fault, they will be punished (based on level of faults). The highest punishment is to delete all results of that football team.

The Phu Thai Group encourages DCs, Member companies Group to have supported banners, flags etc

To support for your football team. But it ensures good atmosphere, rules and regulations of the football tournament( it is apart to calculate in fair play prize)

9. This is the football friendship between DCs and Member companies Group with tittle: “Health for production and work”, so all football players should be fairplay.

10. Phu Thai Group is only allowed officers registered to participate in football tournament. If board of organization examine uncorrect football players participated, that team has them is over in football tournament.

There are 10 rules and regulations of Football Friendship Tournamen upon in 2007. Thus, board of organization request all football teams participated to obey on these.

Entertainment and sport are spirit meals for all officers after hard works. So labor union contributes to improve spirit life for all of the officers and good atmosphere as well as possible. Individually, each officer is always healthy to achieve business objectives and build Phu Thai Group up to become bigger and bigger

Good luck


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