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All Phu Thai’s news and events shall be often updated here.
Corporation News

The Final football match of “PhuThai Group Open” 2007

16.30pm, 26 October, 2007, At Thuong Dinh stadium took place the final football match “PhuThai Group Open” 2007 between 2 teams come from Company Corporation Office and The third Distribution Centre of PhuThai Group joint stock Company

The tournament was organized in order to welcome the anniversary 14 years the establishment day of Company (10 May 1993 – 10 May 2007) and implement the activities plan of Trade union of Company Corporation 2007. Two teams in the final match are the most excellent teams that passed other strong competitors which come from the teams represent member companies, distribution centers of PhuThai Group joint stock Company.

Participation in the match, Mr Pham Dinh Doan, General Director of PhuThai Group joint stock Company, Mr Le Thanh Trai, Assistant Director and Chairman of Trade union of Company and other member of Company.

The match took place very ebulliently, deserve with a final match. With the way Fair play, dedicate wholeheartedly of players and the encouragement overzealously of supporters who come from The office of company corporation, The third distribution center and the units made the match to be extremly attractive. This is an unique spirit of PhuThai.

The tournament finished with the champion cup for the team comes from the third distribution center, The second prize for the team comes from The company corporation office, The third prize for 2 teams that come from the sixth distribution center and the tenth distribution center. The most excellent player prize was entrusted for Ha Sy Dinh, DC3. This is wortht awards for players and teams, manifest noble sport spirit.

According to Mr Pham Ba Ky – Permanent Commissioner of Trade union of PhuThai Company Corporation : ‘Sport movement is spirit food after tired days of each staff. Trade union of Company will do wholeheartedly in order to contribute to enhance spirit life, make solidarity environment for staff of whole company. So each staff of Company need to make a spirit and health in order to strive implemention business plan and build company bigger and bigger.’’

The tournament finished so well, open other tournament will take place in 2008, the anniversary year the establishment day of PhuThai Group joint stock Company.


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