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Corporation News

Meeting “Goal Scorer” – Phu Thai Group Open 2007

The first impressions when talking with Ha Sy Dinh who is a sales personnel of Fashion Distribution Centre (Phu Thai Group), is high, lanky, tawny complexion, arch and jolly. He was honoured received “Best player in the final match” and “Goal Scorer”of “Phu Thai Group Open 2007”.

Working for Phu Thai Group since 2003, but about two years later, Dinh left Phu Thai Group for other company. He tried working in brandnew environment. In 2006, Dinh came back to work for Phu Thai because of friendly and solidary working environment. He feels to be suitable to job of the Fashion Distribution Centre.

Talking about his job, he had some difficulties in introducing fashion products for woman at the beginning. He felt hesitative and unselfconfident. After a short-time, he overcame obstacles and difficulties. He tried his best to fulfil his task. That’s why he was honoured received “Best Staff of the month” award for many times.

Football is my passion, he said. Attacker of Fashion Distribution Centre Team told elatedly me zealous supporters of Centre 3 and awards that he was received when taking part in activities held by The Labour Union of Phu Thai Group , such as: “Goal Scorer” of “Phu Thai Cup 2005” (11 goals) and “Best Player in the final match” and “Goal Scorer” (8 goals) of “Phu Thai Group Open 2007”.

Although his job is busy, he and his colleagues try their best to together play football once or twice a week. In his opinion, Playing fooball makes him feel cheerful after hard-working day.

Trying to be received “Goal Scorer” again, I will record a hatrick. Then I will not take part in Centre 3 team as a player,maybe I will become a coach, Ha Sy Dinh told joyful about his goal in the next football season

Extracurricular activities which The Labour Union of Phu Thai Group has held makes staffs unite and cherish each other. And The beauty of Business Culture of Leading Distribution and Investment Group is affirmed once more


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