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Corporation News

The activity of the Labour Union – Phu Thai Group: Looking back over year

“In 2007, the Labour Union of Phu Thai Group held successfully the activities of the business culture construction and the activities of looking after living conditions of Phu Thai’s staff in accordance with the conception of “The Labour Union plays an intermediary role in the relationship of board of directors and staffs.”

“The unoin makes Phu Thai become “big house – the second house” of the employees that will reject hired-labour thought and irresponsible thought. So that, Board of directors together with staffs make company develop and strengthen more and more”.

Last year, the Union held the emulation movements of best labour in order to encourage working spirit of staffs such as: “Best staff of year, 2006” (the award was given for 143 staffs and 11 managers); “Best staff of the month” (the award for staff who reached best achievement in each division); or selecting best labour program...

The Labour Union of Phu Thai Group always cares about and implements labour’s interests in accordance with the state regulations. Besides, the Labour union also looks after the staff’s living conditions through activities such as visiting the staff’s family, giving presents for Tet’s holidays, festivals or staff’s birthday, supporting expense for the staff’s holiday tourism, unscheduled subsidize for the staffs who have some difficulties... “The singing festival of Phu Thai Group 2” and “Phu Thai Group Open 1” were held successfully by enthusiastic participation of the Phu Thai staffs.

The Labour Union of Phu Thai Group also focuses on chariable works. Apart from rasing funds for charity in Hanoi, Dong Da district... the Labour union combines with other organizations such as Hanoi Youth Business Association, Hanoi Youth Union to give presents for 200 children who have difficult living condition or combining with Hanoi Red Cross to organize a “free consultation, medicine and present delivery for community health” program.

Although the union have also had some difficulties in gathering staffs of divisions, centres..., the union of Phu Thai Group together with board of directors paid a compliment to the living conditions of the staffs in order to make staffs working harder and harder.

In 2008 – on the occasion of 15 years establishment of Phu Thai Group, the main goal of the year is that the union will promote cultural activities and sporting events in order to make a ebullient and joyful atmosphere for this event. The union continues to maintain emulation movements, chariable works and look after the staff’s living conditions. Besides, the union also organize new activities such as organizing best singing voice contest, dancing contest - “golden shoes of Phu Thai”, contest of art of arranging flowers, badminton competition, periodic medical activity for staffs and caring about industrial safety and hygiene...

In 2008 - the year of new plans, the activities held by the union will more and more improve solidary spirit and help each other among staffs that create the beauty of business culture for the leading distributrion group in Vietnam.


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