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Corporation News

Phu Thai Office visits pagodas in Bac Ninh

As is Phu Thai’s custom, when spring season comes, the Labour Union of Phu Thai Group oganizes outgoing trip for staff to visit pagodas.
The trip brought all people to the Kinh Bac ancient town, now is Bac Ninh province - a trade centre of Vietnam from 2nd to 10th century. Buddhism penetrates into there early and flourished on Ly dynasty. Bac Ninh has tangible and intangible culture heritage.

Do Temple was the fist place that Phu Thai staff visitted. The temple was famous for its architecture, highly praised through the verses: the architecture of the temple is marvelous, worthy to the thousand-year-old history of Thang Long. All Phu Thai people coming here were intersted in the peaceful atmosphere and stories of Viet Nam history under Ly Dynasty and aroused their love of country.

Then the group continued to visit and pray at Phat Tich Pagoda – organized as national cultural histrorical relic, located in Lan Kha moutain, Tien Du distric, Bac Ninh province.

Everyone surprised at its great building architecture and structure in a hamour with the art of sculpture and natural beauty. This pagoda is ranked as the first position in Viet Nam for its quantity of antique things.

The 27-meter, 3.000-ton stone status is put on the top of the mountain. This is the biggest stone status in southern Asia.

The next destination of the trip was Dau Pagoda. It was built in the 3rd century and is the oldest pagoda in Vietnam. This pagoda is well known by the ancient Hoa Phong tower. Here be the long-term ancient citadel centre since II century A.D.

There was one more intersting place that Phu Thai staff have chance to see before leaving Bac Ninh is Dong Ho painting village. It is a village that preserves ancient cultural relies in the Kinh Bac area (Red River Delta, in the north of Vietnam.), where unique folk paintings are named - Dong Ho village. Initially, the prints illustrate scenes from rural life. All these images of this sacret land really catchded the love of Phu Thai staff.

All people was listening about its village histrory and explanations of this traditional job at the artist Nguyen Dang Che‘s house.

Later, all most people were attracted by the souvenir shop to buy the complete products for home decoration or gift.

All year along, Phu Thai keeps and maintains this activity as a traditional custom when spring season comes. It creates an opportunity for Phu Thai staff together going out for trip and praying for a happy good lucky year.

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