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All Phu Thai’s news and events shall be often updated here.
Hot News

Employee of the Month

In order to discover and encourage all staff in all Phuthai branches to put in their best effort and behave in a good manner to exceed the set standard in business, contribute dramatically for the mutual benefit of Phuthai, the Executive Board of Phuthai Trade Union has started an “ Employee of the Month” campaign.
These events have received good response from all the branches of the company. In 2005, there were 245 gifts for “Employee of the Month”, 15 gifts for “Branch for quarter”. In the first time of year 2005, the Company praised comprehensively for 04 branches and encouraged 06 branches. There also 08 persons who have been praised for their comprehensive contribution, 17 persons were motivated for specific contribution. At the end of the first quarter in 2006, 37 people have been announced as “Employees of the Month”.
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