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PhuThai Group – Habubank: reach to perfect

It’s able to say the name Habubank – Bank of trade joint stock Hanoi house indentified oneself with many domestic enterprises. 18 activities years was 18 years that Habubank struggled incessantly with the belief of the enterprises that have been cooperating with itself. And one enterprise always indentified oneself with Habubank more than half of developed length of road, such as PhuThai Group.

Established in 1993, it was 10 years that PhuThai Group cooperated with Habubank. Nowadays, PhuThai Group developed distribution network with more than 50000 agents and 5000 direct customers such as hotels, restaurants PhuThai is building the developed plan follow the leading distribution Group model and investing in other fields such as real property business (joint venture), construct string of markets, warehouses with charter capital with the expectation is 1100 – 1500 billion VND in 2008.

With the line of vision to become the leading distribution Group of Vietnam, PhuThai has been concentrating to develop with depth by investing technology, using lend source of capital in order to turn over production, educate high quality human resource, consider human resource like foundation of sustainable development. In order to bring out this meaning, PhuThai understand that it is very important to cooperate with partner that has already shaked hands with ourself.

Nearly 10 indentified oneself wirh Habubank years, PhuThai Group always satisfy all requests from Habubank that set up with Phuthai’s products. The service product provide to PhuThai include: credit, international payment, domestic payment, stand security, bank deposits. Besides, Habubank fund short-term capital serve floating capital of PhuThai. The program “Thank not only by word”, a big promotion program serve personal customer of Habubank that has been participated by PhuThai Group. Through the copies, websites, Habubank brought PhuThai image to customer better, conversely, PhuThai always ensure to provide products on time and good quality for Habubank. Since then, PhuThai Customers know about PhuThai Products and on the contrary.This is the real result of the cooperation benefit for two sides.

It’s not only cooperated together, PhuThai and Habubank are very similar in society mission. Having a symphathetic heart “the richs help the poors”. Staffs of Habubank and PhuThai respond zealously the campaign that collect to help central people, repair consequence by Xangsane storm. This is a small affection and gratitude present, encouraged, shared the people stabilize their life after storm, concurrently express solidarity spirit in difficult situation of Hanoi house Bank and Great Family PhuThai.

Answer the question: What thing make PhuThai care about Habubank? Mr Pham Dinh Doan – General Director of PhuThai Group said: “We recognized one common point that PhuThai and Habubank recognized together that is big potential of Vietnam market in product distribution to customers. And both of side understand that in order to have the belief of customer, product and service quality have to order top – ranking”.

After 14 business activities years, PhuThai Group joint stock company and General Director Pham Dinh Doan was honoured received many noble award and all levels of certificate of merit such as certification of Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, Hanoi people committee, Central communist youth union, Young enterprise Association, Small and medium enterprise Association Red Star award, Vietnam Golden star award; General Director Pham Dinh Doan was voted to be 1 of 100 typical Vietnam businessman (2006) Concurrently, PhuThai is the first enterprise of Vietnam in commodities distribution that was received the certification ISO 9001:2000 by TUV organization of Germany. However, in Mr Doan’s opinion: “The prosperty of one enterprise depends many thing on leader, not bad staff, only have not good manager. In order to stand surely in business world, the leader has to build wise and different plan, know to salvage all relations with partners in business world.”

With the already plans, with the line of stragical vision and clear distinct eye of the leading manager in distribution field – General Director Pham Dinh Doan, in the near future, PhuThai Group will obtain the proposed goals and to be reliable link between manufacturer and customer. It’s sure that Habubank will be a close, reliable friend of PhuThai Group in the future.


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