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PhuThai has constructed the wholesales and warehouse centre in Langson province

9, July, 2007, At the promotion conference into 3 provinces: Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, the Lang Son leader entrusted the investment certification “Construction the wholesales and warehouse centre in Lang Son province” to PhuThai Group.

Lang Son is the frontier mountain province, belong to North-Eastern area of Vietnam, and has frontier with China 253 km. Lang Son province has a special importat location of whole country, because this is a clue of commercial activities, export and import main commodities of provinces, the Northern area and some Southern provinces. In order to enhance commercial and service activities of Lang Son, in accordance with the integration of domestic and international market., PhuThai Group will implement to construct a wholesale distribution and warehouse centre in Lang Son.

With the space area about 60.000 m2 at the east Lang Son town urban areas, PhuThai Group expect to complete the first period of project (construct the wholesale distribution centre) in the second quarter 2008 and complete the second period of project (construct building) in the fourth quarter 2008. The foreign investment capital is estimated initially about 10.000. 000 USD. This is one of the standard distribution centre of PhuThai Group in the plan that develop wholesale and warehouse distribution centre in nationwide in 5 years 2007 – 2011, with total investment size more 4000 billion VND.

Mr Pham Dinh Doan, General Director and Chief Executive Officer of PhuThai said, the construction the wholesale and warehouse distribution centre in Lang Son province in order to make the exchanges commodities clue between Lang Son and provinces in nationwide with Internation. That will make to change commercial, service aspect in Lang Son, develop according to civilized, modern trend, satisfy the demand to buy higher and higher of all level people.

Established in 1993, to now, PhuThai became the leading commodities distribution and business model in Vietnam. With nearly 2000 staffs, PhuThai built a wide wholesale distribution network wirh nearly 100.000 agents include the secondary distributors, wholesale agent, supermarkets and the direct customer such as hotels, restaurants, agencies, customers. Continuing to confirm the leading location in commodities distribution activities, building warehouse system, wholesale distribution centres were the important missin of PhuThai Group joint stock company in next period, to be ready to compete and open market.


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