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Special Subject

Silver key

IOver 10 years ago, one company name PhuThai was born. At the early time, the company only has more 10 members and operate in distribution field. And now, look back the last road, we are so proud of result that we obtained, PhuThai rised to become economic group that has position in the market, and get the beliefs of customer by quality products.

With nearly 1000 staffs, 6 member companies and hundreds commodities distribution centers from North to South, PhuThai Group incessantly strive with a goal all for customer. In order to have this success a not small part of many resonant elements, inside the solidarity of good staff, high awareness. So how human resources play a role in the development of Company?

As you know, in integration trend the global economy at present, companies have to be influenced by very competitive and challenging environment. Want to be in being and develop no other way each company has to exert oneself to reform about technology, investment about human.

They often say that companies were successed by knowledge, level and the close-knit of each staff with company, it mean human resources play a very importan role in sustainable development of each company. Want to have an effective staff, firstable, we have to know to select suitable people in order to work. But in order to develop human not only quatity but also quality, we have to have an integration program with business environment, help staff to mix with business environment, PhuThai Group culture. With new staff, they will be not surprised and easy to mix with new agency. But it is not enough, want the new staff mix with new environment truly, they need to educate and train frequently in order to finish the work effectively. Even with old staff, educated demand will become necessary in order to adjust to changes that take place day by day in Vietnam. So why?

We are living in the modern world, the speed change with the development of technology, information. These explosions affect well to everybody in each company. This explosion made leader levels feel to need equip for everybody the new knowledge and skill in order to touch the changes. So, education demand and development become extremly necessary.


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