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One of the strategic-oriented means to attract and develop human resources of Phu Thai Group is that Phu Thai positively promotes, develops and builds a proffessional and idiosyncrasy working environment.


PHU THAI CULTURE has been formed and circulated since the beginning days of its establishment. PHU THAI PEOPLE have jointly built Phu Thai Group to become the leading distribution and retail group in Vietnam.
One of the typical characters of PHU THAI CULTURE is “PHU THAI PEOPLE would simply devote themselves to the development of the company.” They work hard, play well to bring their values for the best products and service and for company’s reputation to the customers and partners. They always try to practise, experience and learn as much as possible to grow themselves up.
PHU THAI PEOPLE always pay high attitude to improve themselves according to criteria:
* Professional skill
* Good manner, open and friendly
* Ability to teamwork
* Long-term commitment
* Determined and internal protection

And always obey the rules:

For employees: Support & Exemplary
For colleagues: Solidarity & Sharing
For managers: Serious & Self-discipline
For the company: Honest & long-term Commitment
For customers: Care & Insight
For partners: Cooperate & Respect
For competitors: Strive to keep the leading position
For work: Optimistic and not afraid of any difficulties

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