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PTG_Biz Director

Job codePTG_Biz Director
Post date01/06/2015
Exp date 30/07/2015
Job categoriesExecutive management
Main job discription

1.Develop and manage company’s business operations
2.Establish targets and business development plan
3.Coordinate with the business units/departments to implement successful strategies and business plans of the company
4.Establish the business relationship with trading partners, representative of the suppliers.Resolving conflicts with partners, suppliers and services to ensure harmonically the objectives of partners and company
5.Deployment and implementation of sales plan, customer service, customer development and distribution channels in accordance with the company development. Manage and control the debt.
6.Set up and develop the business regulation and policy, market development plan,distribution channels, exclusive agencies. Taker esponsible for managing and evaluating the performance of all employees under .
7.Build sales processes, customer service, distribution channel development and management.Directly build information system of customer about sales volume, market… with the relevant business units.
8.Successfully implementation of sales plan, promotions, customer service.
9.Development the distribution channels according to the approved plan.
10.Planning, recruitment and implementation the training programs of skills for line staffs
11.Report to BOD as request

QualificationGraduated Bachelor of Business Administration or Marketing

1.Experienced At least 5 years working in the field of business management positions
2.Proficiency with Microsoft Office skills
3. Others:
+ Working under high pressure
+ Honestly, careful, objective, enthusiastic
+ Communication skills, good negotiation
+ Goal setting, planning and implementation
+ Management skills, leadership
+ Ability to solve problems better
+ Work independently and under high pressure;
+ Convincing others; establish, maintain and develop relationships.
+ Responsibility, careful, enthusiastic

GenderMale or Female
Working timeOfficial
Working locationHà Nội
BENEFITS- Potential to grow at higher level.
- Salary: Suitable market, competitive and differences
- Full benefits according to the Labor Law and company policies
- Good Health care program
- Great Training opportunities
- Various events and team-building activities
Document requirementInterested candidates please send your resume with file's name: Intern-[Your name]–[Department] to email: thoa.phamkim@phuthaigroup.com
Job Application Options

Số lượt đọc:  218  -  Cập nhật lần cuối:  06/06/2015 10:41:54 AM