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Trade Marketing Executive

Job codeTrade Marketing Executive
Post date20/11/2016
Exp date 31/12/2016
Job categoriesExecutive
Main job discription+ Search for opportunity and potential of new products.
+ Develop existing and new products.
+ Create activities to support sales team and principal.
+ Identify all current marketing tools and strategies in order to maintain and execute pre-planned campaigns including promotions and events.
+ Coordinate with sales team nationwide to develop effective promotions
+ Ensure competitive price structure considering min and max discount together with P&L.
+ Negotiate for the best benefit commecial conditions for the company.
+ Regualarly vistit market to understand the business and propose new oppotunity.
+ Meeting with sales team every month.
+ Issue monthly sales brief to all sales team.
+ Attend trade shows, conferences, networking events and any other required events
QualificationGraduated Bachelor of Business Administration or Marketing

1.Experienced At least 1 years working in the field of Marketing positions
2.Proficiency with Microsoft Office skills
3. Others:
+ Organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize in a changing environment
+ Strong verbal and written communication in English & Vietnamese, interpersonal skills and follow- up skills required.
+ Ability to work independently and as part of a team
+ Willing to travel for work and do overtime if required.
+ Responsibility, careful, enthusiastic

GenderMale or Female
Working timeOfficial
Working locationHà Nội
BENEFITS- Salary: Suitable market, competitive and differences
- Full benefits according to the Labor Law and company policies
- Good Health care program
- Great Training opportunities
- Various events and team-building activities
Document requirementInterested candidates please send your resume with file's name: Intern-[Your name]–[Department] to email: thoa.phamkim@phuthaigroup.com
Số lượt đọc:  302  -  Cập nhật lần cuối:  25/11/2016 10:17:50 AM