Personnel policy is one of the strategical determinations of PhuThai Group.

1. Our conception
“Property contributes 70% success of enterprise”
We are always interested in building professional staffs and managers, coordinate harmoniously between experiences and knowledge with will and solidarity spirit in order to obtain high purpose.

2. Proficient Staff – Good Company, Company develops – Staff satisfacton

3. The Group doesn’t distinguish superiors and inferiors, members of PhuThai Group Company, equality like each other. All discrimination, behave unfair will be break management principle and block development process of PhuThai Group.

4. The members of PhuThai, especially key official cadres, commit no profit contradiction in particular blood relation (Father, mother, wife, husband, siblings) work in similar business field with Company.

5. Keep secret of information – the belief of Board of Manages of Company will depend on this element in order to develop source staffs.

6. Always think that improvement is to develop. Each staff of the Group will be spent education, training courses in order to become professional humans, with necessary skills in order to do the work. With the strategy 80-20, we define self training model gain 80% density that was implemented by senior executive. The evidence for education policy is sales staffs of PhuThai were methodical educated with sales skills before doing the work. So PhuThai successed in providing perfect services to partners and customers.