One of the strategic-oriented means to attract and develop human resources of Phu Thai Group is that Phu Thai positively promotes, develops and builds a proffessional and idiosyncrasy working environment.

With the Dynamic – Professional - Friendly – Solidarity working environment, Phu Thai Group has been attracting many young labors.

The Board of Directors always create the best conditions for staffs in working on his/her own initiative.

All staffs are received maximum supports of the Board of Directors if someone have a request or have some difficulties.

Bonus policy: Phu Thai Group have been building a bonus policy which is suitable to the company is competitive with other companies. Apart from the treatment regulations of the state for the labor, Phu Thai Group also has its own treatment regulations for its staffs such as salary policy, health policy...

Phu Thai Group gives periodic appreciations: working result appreciation of the staff (in order to pay salary suitable to capacity) and the appreciation of the result of current issues (the issues need to solve).

The Youth and Labor Union of Phu Thai Group holds extracurricular activities in order to encourage the working spirit of the staffs after hard-working hours, such as: English club, Football club, cooking club, performance club, young manager club…Besides, it also pays a compliment to the staffs who have some difficulties in order to strengthen ties of solidarity among staffs and help each other.

With the desire of building a dynamic, open and friendly working environment and encouraging creativeness and solidarity spirit, Phu Thai Group hope that the company will attract more and more talented person in all fields.