About our Supply chain

With our aspiration to provide full-packaged solutions,  we provide a global supply chain services: end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions for retailers, wholesalers, sub – distributors and modern trade channel such as supermarkets and convenient store. What sets us apart is our skilled sales force and our full distribution network in both General Trade and Modern Trade.

More than 26 Years of Experiences in Supply Chain and Distribution

Being one of the leading enterprises in the distribution industry in Vietnam, Phu Thai Group helps our foreign partners to develop products in Vietnam, meets the diverse needs of Vietnamese consumers.

Starting with connect with Principal, choose products and develop the products in Vietnam and include everything from delivery, promotion programs and aftersales Services, we offer end – to – end services for all stakeholders in the consumer goods industry  

Why choose Phu Thai Group as strategic partner?



Phu Thai Group Skilled Sales Force

  • Well – Trained Salesmen
  • 60% of our sales directly sold to retail shops by our own sales force

Trust and Transparent Operations

  • Well-coordinated with principals and willing to expand regarding principals’ request
  • Nationwide distribution coverage in 63 provinces (with business operation in 5 key main cities)

Customer Care Services

  • Store and control customer list via PTG own system
  • Maintain Good Relationships with customers by loyalty programs
  • Aftersales Services for Home Appliance Segment

We strongly believe that, customer services is not only a department but also whole company. We commit to bring trust and transparent operations, services and long-term royalty with customers