Continuous improvement of organizational capability


Last Saturday and Sunday (25 & 26 November 2023), Phu Thai had an effective and meaningful weekend spent in 2 different trainings: “Team Management” for our DSM(s) and “ Teamwork” for our back office colleagues. During these two days, over 150 members of Phu Thai from over 40 branches had gathered at Phu Thai Hanoi office to train, to share and to enhance knowledge together.

The trainings were a success and have received the enthusiastic participation from all members. Besides the fun moments of class games and activities, each member feels satisfied and feels that they have received a lot of meaningful and realistic knowledge to apply into their daily work.


Together with significant investment into Human resource policies, Phu Thai always pay attention and take practical decisions to encourage learning spirit and to constantly upgrade our people’s capability. In the coming years, the Company will continue organizing more training and people development activities to develop further and more sustainably in Vietnam market.