This autumn, Phu Thai distributed Zojirushi's award-winning Good Design Award - Japan's earliest design award given by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JIDP) - winning products.

More than 90 years ago, Zojirushi Group took its pioneering steps with the launch of its first vacuum insulation products, which also set the standard for vacuum insulation technology in a wide range of everyday household products, laying the groundwork for using innovative technology to bring comfort and convenience to customers around the world.

Zojirushi's guiding principle has always been to enhance the quality of life of consumers by developing innovative products. Over the course of more than nine decades, Zojirushi has utilised the most advanced technology to create a series of household products that satisfy the requirements of contemporary lifestyles. Let's gaze back at Zojirushi's Good Design Award-winning items!

The "magic" product series comprises stainless steel dual hoover technology utilising "seamless" innovation. The product features outstanding heat retention for both hot and cold drinks, as well as a smart design that optimises cleaning with a fixed gasket. You won't be concerned about the gasket dissolving every time you clean the thermos.

Design elements

  1. Minimalist design, no noise, with simple structure: just lid and body
  2. Neutral pastel colour palette, various capacities, and suitability for any particular need.
  3. Seamless design, easy-to-clean product, suitable for daily use

Designer: Akihisa Toyota / Saya Yamamoto

Food jars offer outstanding hot and cold retention due to two stainless steel vacuum layers utilising "seamless" technology.

Design elements

  1. The user-friendly design is minimalist for long-term use.
  2. Light, neutral colours complement the dining table setup.
  3. Suitable for daily usage, convenient (large jar mouth), and simple to clean (few accessories).

Designer: Asami Endo

With neutral colours that evoke a sense of proximity, Zojirushi believes the collection will transport customers to a quiet, peaceful spot every day. From this autumn, the line will be officially distributed in Vietnam by the Phu Thai Group. Please join us in taking a look at some awesome products that have won the Good Design Award in previous years and are supplied by Phu Thai Group.

Introduce the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award, which evolved from the Good Design Product Selection System founded in 1957, is Japan's unique comprehensive design evaluation and direction award. The Good Design Award has evolved over the past 66 years into a movement aiming at enhancing Japanese business, society, and lifestyle via design. Today, the Good Design competition is a global design competition in which many firms and organisations from Japan and throughout the world compete. The "Brand G" Good Design Award is well-known as a symbol of design excellence.

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